Reasons behind your inactivity.

I don’t feel it today ,I’m bored

Now, usually you are  productive, but today feels very different why? Dare I say powers that be do not want you doing anything today 😂…..felt you should laugh it up a bit. Yes ,so ultimately  gaining satisfaction in a task is the joy everyone who works aims to get, yet we don’t and can’t have control over everything that happens In a day.So what actually makes one bored over a routine you have carried out over and over yet today no show. Your body, mind and soul don’t seem to be in sync.

  Now here are some reasons why your body is acting up:

1.Eating Habit:We spend so much time working for money and end up eating junk while at it ,now I’m not saying treating your self to sweets once in a while is prohibited,No! I’m saying it shouldn’t be your meal.we must know that having a suitable and proper meal plan/diet helps to keep your body functioning well. As little as a cold drink (Soda) can mess up your entire system if taken at the wrong time and for some people’s body anytime could be wrong, that being said ,you must know what you can and must not eat,be conscious about everything that goes into your body.

2.Fatigue/Stress: The human body is a self operating system 🙃 better than any kind of computer yet to be built .you may ask why? this is because you don’t even need to say anything to it but surely activities are always ongoing. now in a situation where your body has noticed that you aren’t getting rest or taking time out to do some other activity that could help the ease and efficiency of it’s activity? It shuts up and thereby has a by-force pause button on you. Stress most times isn’t resolved merely by sleeping because sometimes you can sleep and wakeup tired. So there are vital activities you must carry out to make sure your body,mind and soul are in sync. Now what are they…..

A.Exercise: This is almost a chore for many of us but I’m here to change your mind a little and also broaden your scope of what exercise can be yes, you can choose your exercise it could be

Walking: taking long walks and stretching out while at it keeps your body in check.

Dancing: the most neglected form of exercise ,if you can have a good dance every day,and sweat while at it, as long as you sweat 😅 you have burnt some calories,I know you are very happy hearing this,yeah it feels good.

  Running: Now some of us have more energy to exert than others so if you do have some extra energy 🙃 running can be a smart move too,it burns calories faster too.

YOGA:now while some exercise are for the body ,some are for the mind and soul also the body too. Yoga helps to get you relaxed, give you more scope for your imagination, helps you stretch your body and test your flexibility. Generally helps you loosen up and have better connection to the inward and also outward.

Our body is all we have and we must take good care of it,our body is us ,we need it as much as it needs us, neglecting it only calls for trouble. Now we may not know but some illnesses are as a result of years of neglect,not attending to our bodies when it calls on us and thereby there is a defect and an alteration we now discover later on. Now the above listed are only pure thoughts and things that could aid us and is in no way a medical advice ,so for better clarity I would advice we visit a doctor to find out what works best for you. ~Ashake♥️

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